Green Fox Street Art Mural in Binckhorst.

Clearly a colourful street art mural that makes this office in Binckhorst hard to miss. As revealed by Zesta and Page33, street art also adds a creative energy.

Green Fox social return the hague street art zesta page33

We were approached by Green Fox Social Return to create an artwork that distinguishes their office from the landscape. This makes it easier for people to find their offices of course. The mural art also adds a blast of colour to the area which contrasts it’s very industrial feeling. In this way, the street art creates a new energy as a result. It creates a creative energy for everybody that works in the area, or passing by the office.

Green Fox Binckhorst Street Art Zesta Online Page33

Green Fox does amazing work helping people that are at a distance from the labour market, ensuring they can get exposure to work places to grow improve their situations. We are passionate about spready a sense of unity and positivity through our artworks. Undoubtedly we saw this as a great opportunity to breathe a bit of life into the street.

Our mural clearly depicts diverse people in an variety of work scenarios. This also communicates what this team is all about.

The project was coordinated by StreetArtProjectsNL who easily set the project in motion, arranged materials and equipment and kept us motivated. Check our outdoor mural section for more projects that consequently help transform areas.

Green Fox before street art

This before picture shows unquestionably helps show how Street Artists can help bring a new life to how a building fits into an area.

A picture speaks a thousand words and a little bit of colour goes a long way. This obviously helps to recreate spaces and communicates what this business is all about.